Statement ステイトメント




Every age and every region possesses its own unique contexts and situations. An artist is someone who takes on what they interpret as the here and now, and then presents questions about it, not only to their immediate audience but also to people in future.

This lecture performance series produced by Arts Commons Tokyo is a showcase of performances commissioned from prominent global artists dealing with the themes and questions important to our society today, presented in a lecture format by the artists themselves. These leading international artists have developed their own unique methodologies and aesthetic out of conditions of harsh oppression in their home countries. Their lecture performances traverse the different contexts of the originators’ respective societies as well as new artistic ideas, while also presenting us with unanswerable questions. The performances are like a powerful drug, both a poison and a medicine, for this world we live in always pregnant with omens of a new crisis.

Natsuko Odate + Chiaki Soma (curators)